Ava Willis (2019)

The transgendered voice of reason in the Willis house, Ava is the only transwoman capable of tolerating Angie.

  • DESCRIPTION: Quillsville’s well-known and well-established transwoman, former Quillsville Central High School basketball center (she scored most three pointers scored during high school)
  • FULL NAME: Aeverine Melanie Florence Willis (born Frank Michael Willis) 
  • OCCUPATION: Homicide Detective at Quillsville Metropolitain Pollice Department. Retired saleswoman of retail and retail accessories with honor and dignity. Manager of Craven Gifts in Quillsville.
  • THE TWO WOMEN IN HER LIFE: Her wife Angie and her truck Marla.
  • QUOTE: “Nobody likes a knowitall who sits around talking about their genitalia (his ding-dong or her ho-ho).”
  • DREAM VACATION: All expenses paid month-long landscaping workshop at the Lawn Care Academy of America
  • EMBARRASSING IMPERFECTION: An enlarged clitoris and having a boyfriend while attending Port Melissa Univeristy.
  • VOICED BY: Ava Zinn (normal voice), Melvin Runecraft (evil voice), and Frank Davidson (pre-transition)
  • FIRST APPEARANCE: “Pilot” (S01 E01)
  • FINAL APPERANCE: “Into That Final Good Night in Quillsville”


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