Some may think of the internet television program Queen of the Willis as sexist, animated humor that provides nothing but quirky comedy-drama. While those people are not wrong to think that, Queen of the Willis, like its animated rivals King of the Hill and Family Guy, has coincidentally predicted the future. We know, it sounds ridiculous. However, unlike Family Guy, this hasn’t happened often, but one particular episode has TWICE predicted an anchorwoman’s departure in Indianapolis and Fort Wayne. Queen of the Willis has predicted everything from the “all-Indiana Super Bowl XLI” to the popular anchorwoman departures not being filled in by another qualified woman. It has people wondering, is Ava Zinn some sort of soothsayer, or is this just a massive coincidence ? Either way, these crazy predictions will shake you to the core.

So let’s get it going by checking them out below!

Controversial Departures of Cheryl Parker (WXIN-TV) and Emily Dwire (WPTA-TV)

Maternity Leaves of Angela Ganote in 2006 and Kayla Stewart 2019 also controversial

Unless you live under a rock or have known Ava Zinn personally before or after her gender transition, you know that Queen of the Willis creator is more tolerant of a woman filling in for male co-anchor rather than a male counterpart, even if it is temporary. The transwoman even went as far as placing a channel block for the morning newscasts affected.

Nevertheless, while there had been many signs that all-female anchor teams have been growing, Queen of the Willis came out with two predictions in “Revenge of the Male Anchors” in 2007 when the talking then-male dog, Rags (now Tabby), bit off Zach Mullins’ leg after Angela Stroup went on maternity leave after Michael Wilson was chosen to fill-in, but after Mullins suffered dog bites, Mullins also took medical leave and Michael Wilson just underwent sex reassignment surgery and the now-Michelle Wilson filled in for both Zach Mullins and Angela Stroup.

Another twice-prediction in “Revenge of the Male Anchors 2” in 2009 when Tabby (then Rags) and talking female cat Shushu viciously attacked, chewed and bit off Gene Cox’s legs, causing him to be in a wheelchair after Cheryl Parker left Fox 11 Quillsville. Additionally, the respective father and transgendered daughter, Ava and Deanna, where they watch news broadcasts from Lafayette and Fort Wayne, as the two talk and have fun, hears them discuss someone else being needed, and perks. Ava also tells Deanna the story why after January 9, 1984, proved to be the last time Ava watched two anchormen as opposed to the now-standard male-female or two anchorwoman newscasts, and eventually led to the father’s gender transition and sex reassignment from male to female on November 1, 1999.

Did Queen of the Willis know that WXIN or WPTA would wise up and own to their newscasts mistakes or was the now transgender female dog Tabby just making a sly joke? The world may never know.

Cable and Pay TV blackouts

In the  Queen of the Willis episode “Cable TV Fascism” that aired in 2009, Ava and Angie decide to drop cable TV in favor of over-the-air broadcast television and put up an outdoor antenna. During that episode, Ava is outraged that Quillsville has a ban on satellite and antenna television and fights tooth and nail to keep her antenna. This aired a year before the WISH-TV/Bright House dispute in October 2008 and the repercussions in Marion, Indiana that lead to Queen of the Willis creator relocating to Fort Wayne on the afternoon of May 14, 2018. While this was most likely just another one of Queen of the Willis’ weird coincidences, the episode is still playing in any future re-runs.

Richard Lugar’s death

In the Christmas 2011 episode “The Mother, The Daughter, and Sentator Lugar”, there’s a curse with Ava’s mother, Peggy Willis, and Tina Craven building a Habitat for Humanity house with Indiana’s U.S. Senator Richard Lugar, Tina Craven promotes Ava to manager of Craven Gifts and Ava gushes with emotion to Tina, which doesn’t sit well with Ava’s mother, Peggy.
News broke in 2019 that the beloved Senator, Richard Lugar, had died on April 28, 2019,. While this is somewhat of a loose link, it’s a strange coincidence that Queen of the Willis created an episode that features both a death and Richard Lugar after it re-ran in Indianapolis.

An All-Indiana Super Bowl

While this link is another coincidence, it’s incredibly strange how Queen of the Willis links Super Bowl XLI. Queen of the Willis premiered on August 12, 2006 nearly six months before the Indinapolis Colts and Chicago Bears met in the Super Bowl. Queen of the Willis referenced Super Bowl XLI very often and particularly in an episode in 2009. In “New Colt on the Block”, it was said that a washed-up former Indianapolis Colts player moves into the Evansville Road neighborhood, and no one, not even Ava, can admit that he is a jerk—until the man (Kelvin Rhodes) starts harassing Ava. Quite a coincidence, but the similarities are there.

Male-on-Transfemale and Female-on-Transfemale Rapes

During the November 2008 episode “Ode to Deanna”, the transgender daughter, Deanna, was raped by Monique Cruz, and was solved in the 2019 four-part episode, “The Rape of Heather Willis”. Two years and seven years after the episode aired, Queen of the Willis creator Ava Zinn was raped in June 2010 and April 2015. The correlation in both “Ode to Deanna” and “The Rape of Heather Willis” is that Candis Cayne’s character in the Dirty Sexy Money franchise was also a transwoman, as well. A stretch? Certainly. Still creepy? Absolutely.

While some of these theories are rather far fetched, the links between these incidents and the Queen of the Willis episodes are chilling. Let’s hope the next time Queen of the Willis coincidentally predicts the future, people take it more seriously.

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