“Queen of The Willis” will rename the one of the high schools seen on the animated series after Lee Kelso. Kelso had recurred as the Mayor of Quillsville on the animated series until last season when he lost in the Republican primary to eventual mayor Nicole Pence. “We thought it was fitting to pay tribute to him, not only as a character but a person in our lives,” executive producer Steve Baker said Saturday at the “Queen of the Willis” panel. “We decided to rename one of the high schools on the show, and from this point forward it will be Lee Kelso Regional HighRead More →

Some may think of the internet television program Queen of the Willis as sexist, animated humor that provides nothing but quirky comedy-drama. While those people are not wrong to think that, Queen of the Willis, like its animated rivals King of the Hill and Family Guy, has coincidentally predicted the future. We know, it sounds ridiculous. However, unlike Family Guy, this hasn’t happened often, but one particular episode has TWICE predicted an anchorwoman’s departure in Indianapolis and Fort Wayne. Queen of the Willis has predicted everything from the “all-Indiana Super Bowl XLI” to the popular anchorwoman departures not being filled in by another qualified woman. It has people wondering, is AvaRead More →

5. Angie is pregnant with sextuplets Queen of the Willis‘ main characters are all LGBT, and it is a surprise Ava as a woman and Angie, who was taking fertility drugs, would be able to conceive six children. From “Revenge of the Male Anchors” until “And then there were 13”, Angie was seen with a pregnant stomach. 4. The voice actors and actresses The voice of Ron Willis and Brian Willis are currently respectively voiced by Ava Zinn and Tim Doogan. When voicing Ron Willis, Ava Zinn uses her “Gordon Ramsay impersonation” However, four of the sextuplets–Stuart, Emilie, Hillary, and Luanne are respectively voiced byRead More →

10. Queen of the Willis gets canceled… TWICE Queen of the Willis is the first canceled program since Family Guy to be resurrected because of its strong rerun ratings. Queen of the Willis is integrated in the minds of so many fans as one of the great animated comedy-dramas in history, but it wasn’t always viewed this way. After the first season of the show in November 2006, ATE Media decided to cancel Queen of the Willis. It was due to college football preemptions. In January 2007, NoSirGifts Fantasy Television Stations picked up the show from ATE Media and moved the show from ATE Media-ownedRead More →