“Queen of The Willis” will rename the one of the high schools seen on the animated series after Lee Kelso. Kelso had recurred as the Mayor of Quillsville on the animated series until last season when he lost in the Republican primary to eventual mayor Nicole Pence.

“We thought it was fitting to pay tribute to him, not only as a character but a person in our lives,” executive producer Steve Baker said Saturday at the “Queen of the Willis” panel. “We decided to rename one of the high schools on the show, and from this point forward it will be Lee Kelso Regional High School.”

Added star Alexandra Moffitt : “…and stick it to Babyface Edmunds!” (Kenneth Edmunds, of course, competed on Dancing with the Stars — so this also serves as a way to move on from the school’s original name, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmunds Regional High School, which was originality Quillsville Central High School before being renamed in 1999.)

In addition, three other high schools in Quillsville are also renamed to Maureen McFadden, Marla Keller, and Howard Caldwell.

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