Angie Willis as of July 4, 2020!
Angie Willis (2020)

The Matriarch of the Willis family has no idea what the word “matriarch” means. While Angie likes an occasional adult beverage at The Drunken Hoosier, her real passions are harebrained schemes and public nudity/sex acts.

  • DESCRIPTION: Quillsville’s BBW drunk MILF
  • FULL NAME: Angela Anne Willis (nee Donaldson and formerly Shanks) 
  • OCCUPATION: Housewife and Mississinewa Cola and Brewery shipping department employee. Former substiute accountant teacher.
  • THE TWO WOMEN IN HER LIFE: Her transgendered wife Ava and her lobster Heather.
  • VOICED BY: Karly Jameson
    • Previously Holly Everman (1980-2017)
  • FIRST APPEARANCE: “Pilot” (S01 E01)
  • FINAL APPEARANCE: “Into That Final Good Night in Quillsville”


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