Revenge of the Male Anchors 4 is an eighth season episode of Queen of the Willis. It originally aired on November 8, 2019. The episode was written by Eboni Hill & series creator Ava Zinn and was directed by Karly Jameson.

The Willis family decides to take a vacation at Kendra Kendall’s cabin in Michiana Falls. When they go ice skating, they discover nearly 500 dead women. Ava complains to Michiana Falls mayor Cindy Ward, who admits that she sanctioned the ice cemetery by Tina Craven in a sweetheart deal former Quillsville Mayor Lee Kelso made with Scott Swan. Outraged, Ava, Heather, Tabby, and Shushu decides to take matters into their own hands with Michiana Falls Police (MFMPD) and Quillsville Police (QMPD) investigate.

The next morning, Brynn and Mandy are seen studying at the breakfast table for an upcoming exam at school. After first being told not to study at the table by Ava, Heather notices that the history textbooks from Brynn and Mandy is hopelessly out of date. Upset by this, Ava goes Principal Halvorson to a PTA meeting to complain about the textbooks. Responding to the complaints, Principal halvorson explains that the school cannot afford new textbooks due to the school’s loss of federal funding due to budget cuts and low test scores. Mandy and Brynn decide to transfer from Babyface High School to Howard Caldwell High School.

While talking about Mandy and Brynn’s situation with Ava, Angie is suddenly confronted by the Danielle the Bully. This is the eighth fight between the two (counting the first four between Ava and Bart). Their epic battle ranges from the Willis house, through the sewers, onto a subway train, over the girders of a high-rise construction site, and then up into a airlane, crashing into a giant Ferris wheel, which is dislodged from its platform and rolls through the streets. The fight continues atop the rolling wheel until it demolishes a ten-story apartment building. Angie staggers home, and back in the kitchen, Danielle lies lifeless on the floor, but in a sudden close-up, Danielle’s left eye opens as dramatic music plays, foreshadowing another bully fight. Angie goes home and resumes her conversation with Ava.

U.S. Navy recruitment officer comes to the Howard Caldwell High School to hold an assembly and entices the students with a glamorized, deceptive video presentation, which impresses every one. Mandy and Brynn returns home and tells the family during dinner that they wants to enlist, but Ava attempts to dissuade them, for the military is not a place for them, much to Mandy’s chagrin. The next day, while driving Tabby and Shushu to the vegetarian buffet, Heather decides to take a detour to the recruitment office to scold the recruiting officer for trying to trick Brynn and Mandy through devious means. The two arrive at the office but the wait is long; when Heather goes to top-up the parking meter, Shushu walks into the office. Shushu ends up enlisting in the Army and signs Tabby up as well when told there “is a $100 bonus for signing up a buddy.” Heather and Tabby returns and is shocked. Shushu and Tabby begin basic training, but Tabby becomes stressed from the discipline and decides one night to leave. Tabby wakes up and finds Shushu packing her suitcase, but she manages to talk her out of leaving, insisting that Shushu had never finished anything significant in her life and that the Navy will provide him the discipline. With this, Shushu decides to stay. After they complete their training, Shushu and Tabby decide to find a way to get out of the Navy. They first attempt to be discharged by pretending to be homosexual (only to discover that one of their superiors is LGBT). As a last resort, they carjack, rob and kidnap Indianapolis anchorman Scott Swan where he is critically attacked by Tabby and Shushu.