Revenge of the Male Anchors 3 is a one-hour episode of Queen of the Willis. It was first aired on August 27, 2010 as the third episode of the fifth season. The episode was written by Holly Everman and directed by Robyn Hurd.

At her high school reunion, Angie pretends to be a secret agent who wears a cowboy hat to impress her classmates, but the truth comes out when she meets Ken Owen. She subsequently gets drunk and has to make a run for the bathroom, knocking over everyone between her and the bathroom. Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning is impressed and gets Angie a spot on the Indiana Colts football team as the starting kicker. Angie is soon fired by Jim Irsay for showboating in a game versus the Chicago Bears, driving on to the field then performing a massively-choreographed version of the song “I Know What Boys Like” after scoring one field goal. She does get a recommendation to the Mississinewa Cola Company. Angie decides to make her co-workers as teammates to the Mississinewa Indians and challenges Manning’s wife, Ashley, to a game between Mississinewa and the Indiana Colts. On the opening kickoff, Angie’s teammates become terrified of the Colts rushing toward them and run away, leaving Angie to face them alone. She tries and is immediately tackled. However, Manning compliments Angie on having the nerve to stand up to them, having now regained respect for him.

Meanwhile, Rags and Heather are watching a newscast from Fort Wayne online with Rags becoming a bookie and takes a $50 bet from Shushu on a newscast with Terra Brantley and Heather Herron co-anchoring on one station and Laura Donaldson and Melissa Long on another. Shushu bets on the two women and wins. Shushu comes to collect, but Rags and Heather laughs her off and Rags tells her he will have the money in 24 hours. After 24 hours, Shushu asks for the money owed, but Rags says he does not have it and to give him until next Friday. Shushu reveals that she is serious about settling the bet and, kidnaps Rags and takes Heather’s car to Fox 11 and Rags places a bet with Shushu on Fox 11’s newscast with Ray Cortopassi and Bob Donaldson, which Rags loses. Shushu then claws and bites Ken Owen to coerce him into taking the news director position. Eventually, Ken Owen agrees to take Shushu’s offer with Melissa advertising her practice.

Heather becomes depressed after learning her car was stolen by Rags and Shushu, but after speaking with Zach Mullins and Angela Stroup, she begins a friendship with the now Fox 11 main anchors, changing her own outlook on life to that of positivity. After being told of Heather’s new lifestyle, the family is impressed and encourage her to continue. However, when she is invited by Stroup to hang out with her again, they are is interrupted by Rags and Shushu (in Heather’s car), who joins the conversation. Rags, Shushu, Heather, Zach and Angela continue their community services across Quillsville. In a drunken condition following a performance, Heather loses Rags and Shushu, which results in Rags’ ear being bitten off by Cynthia Wilson. Displeased at Heather’s behavior, Angie scolds her that she will stop hanging out with Mullins and Stroup and threatens to telephone Debby Knox (whom she believes to be Mullins’ mother) to tell her that “her” son is a bad influence on Heather. Angry at Angie’s bossiness, Heather claws her left hand, which leaves Angie afraid of her; the next day, Heather tries to reconcile with Angie, but Angie, still scared, only pelts her with food, furniture, dishes, Rags and Shushu, angering Heather who storms off in a rage.

Heather, regretful of biting Angie, quits hanging out with Rags, Tabby, Zach and Angela, resorting to drinking wine from a gutter. However, Heather regains her confidence when Rags finds her, where she tells Heather that there are things in life which are beyond her control, telling her that even though they aren’t in her control, they do matter, contrary to Heather’s common beliefs.

The episode ends with Zach Mullins, Angela Stroup, Rags, Shushu, Heather, Fanchon Stinger, Bob Donaldson, and Diane Willis performing at a club until Debby Knox (called in by Angie) intervenes, reprimanding Zach Mullins for “hanging out ’till all hours with a dog, a cat and a lobster”, and spanks him in front of the audience, much to his chagrin.