Revenge of the Male Anchors 2 is the 63rd episode of Queen of the Willis. It was first aired on September 4, 2009. The episode was written by series creator Ava Zinn and directed by Robyn Hurd. The episode, which in an ironic twist of fate–in both Indianapolis, the real-life Cheryl Parker (voiced by herself in this episode) resigns from the real-life Fox affiliate (WXIN “Fox 59”) on May 26, 2010 (almost 8 months after the episode aired)–and in Fort Wayne–ten years to the day prior to Emily Dwire also resigning from the real-life ABC affiliate in Fort Wayne (WPTA-TV “ABC 21” formerly “21Alive”), also resigned and were respectively filled in by Gene Cox (voiced by himself in this episode) and Rex Smith until Fanchon Stinger and Kayla Stewart took over in July 2010 and October 2019, respectively.

The episode deals with the aftermath a year after Zach Mullins was bit in the leg and Angela Stroup giving birth to twins, another female anchor at Quillsville 24’s competitor, Fox 11, decides to move on, and Melissa successfully lures in Zach Mullins and Angela Stroup from Quillsville 24 to Fox 11 to join Bob Donaldson and Diane Willis after Rags and Shushu bites off Gene Cox’s legs and becomes paralized from the waist down.

After Angelica Mullins runs away from home, the Willis family attends an emergency school meeting with recently resigned Fox 11 anchor Cheryl Parker. Fresh off the previous night’s late newscast, and pimping her new book, “Good Women, B.A.A.D City,” Parker eggs Stephanie on in front of the rest of the parents because she doesn’t know exactly where Connie is. Feeling suddenly ashamed that she, Melissa, and Connie seem to be drifting apart, Parker then tells the audience that Gene Cox will be filling in for her until her successor is found and Ava decides that she’s going to do whatever it takes to stop that from happening.

Rags and Shushu then go to the Fox 11 studios, where Bob Donaldson and Gene Cox prepare for the newscast. Rags barks and Shushu growl and mercilessly attack Gene Cox as Shushu scratches him while Rags bites off both of Gene’s legs. Bob hears the commotion. Meanwhile, as the newscast is airing and with no other choices for news at 10:00 p.m. as Lafayette and Fort Wayne/Port Melissa do as well as My10’s was cancelled and Quillsville 24’s did not yet exist until 2010, Ava goes blank and leaves the room. Left with little choice, Ava, who is unaware of the commotion, as Rags and Shushu bring leg bones to the Willis residence.

Heather becomes suspicious after bones were found in the Willis’ garbage can while Ava and Deanna get in some father/transgender daughter bonding time when Ava gets spooked by Bob and Gene anchoring Fox 11 News at 10, forcing Ava to relive a dark secret that she never watched two anchormen since Clyde Lee and Howard Caldwell in 1984 (revealed in Quillsville Cold Case: Something About Loose Ava), and Ava has no problem watching two anchorwomen. As Ava is pointing out the contributions of the women to society but upon seeing Laura Donaldson as Deanna and Ava are watching a Fort Wayne newscast, Ava discovers Lisa Shanks (Angie’s sister) is actually Laura Donaldson and therefore revealed that Bob Donaldson is the biological father of Angie.

Subplots of the episode involves Ava and Angie’s relationship where, during the morning after the incident, Ava tries to cheer Deanna up by pointing out the contributions of the women to society. When Angie and Tom interfere with the conversation remarking that the men and transmen are more important than the women and transwoman, Angie retaliates by forcing Ava to sleep on the couch. The next night, Ava tries to apologize for her sexism, but lacks both intellect and sensitivity to this and is once again forced to sleep on the couch. When Ava tries to get comfort from Rags and Shushu, they unwittingly insults her by claiming that she is dumber than she herself. The offended dog then kicks Ava out of the house and forces her to sleep in his dog house, where Ava wonders what she did to deserve these punishments.

The next night Ava awakens to find that Angie’s pulling their beds apart, (their bed being made of two fulls), and Angie claims she can’t sleep with that unknown smell until Rags tells her that he bit off Gene’s legs and bit Zach Mullilns three years earlier. Angie ends up sleeping in Deanna’s room while Ava invites Deanna in to watch TV (where they watch news broadcasts from Lafayette and Fort Wayne) in the bedroom with her, in which they discover the Fort Wayne reporter, is none other than Laura Donaldson–Angie’s sister and Bob Donaldson’s daughter. Angie listens as the two talk and have fun, hears them discuss someone else being needed, and perks. Ava also tells Deanna the story why after January 9, 1984, which would prove to be the last time Ava watched two anchormen as opposed to the now-standard male-female or two anchorwoman newscasts, and eventually led to her gender transition and sex reassignment on November 1, 1999.

Instead, freaked out by the changes, Ava and Deanna begin avoiding Angie and Tom. Angie and Tom leaves the house with a broken heart, and Ava, Deanna, Rags, Shushu, and Heather sit on the couch feeling guilty. Angie then goes to her mother Lisa’s house where Lisa tells Angie a startling secret: Lisa reveals that she had an affair with the same Bob Donaldson and that he is Angie’s biological father.

The next day Ava comes in and confronts the news director herself, she is met with a threat from Fox 11’s lawyers for attempting to deface the station with the “lies”. She discovers that the news director, who would eventually be replaced by then-assistant news director Ken Owen a year later, allowed the assignment. Ava decides to force him to reconsider, but has no success, and threatens the news director, who is now nervous as he realizes that his decision is what provoked Rags and Shushu to attack Gene Cox in the first place. Melissa just happens to walk by and she discovers Ava threatening the news director and Melissa steps in as she and the Fox 11 news director agreed to hire Zach Mullins and Angela Stroup from Quillsville 24 to anchor Fox 11’s 5:00 and 10:00 pm newscasts.

This causes Bob Donaldson and Diane Willis to apologize to Fox 11’s audience without disclosing the fact that the newscast was tainted, saying only that it didn’t meet quality standards and announces that Zach Mullins and Angela Stroup have joined Fox 11 as well as Bob and Diane respectively thanking his biological daughter and her cousin.