Revenge of the Male Anchors 5: The Fatal Frontier is a three part episode of Queen of the Willis. It originally aired on April 28, 2020 as the eighth season and was soft launched on the series’ YouTube channel on November 8, 2019. The episode was written by series creator Ava Zinn and directed by Alexandra Moffitt.

The episode deals with Angie’s father, Bob Donaldson and Ava’s cousin-in-law, Clyde Lee retiring from Fox 11 and 6abc, respectively and they are respectively replaced by on Angela Stroup at Fox 11 Kayla Stewart at 6abc, creating a two-woman anchor team after Mayor Pence mandates two anchorwomen in Quillsville.

The episode introduces Ava’s uncle Jim Bruhn (Diane Willis’ father and Peggy Willis’ father-in-law) Tabby’s daughter Pheobe Willis, Shushu’s daughter Alaina Willis, Julian Teekerman, Kayla Stewart, and Zoey Tur. Pheobe and Alaina are born in this episode after Christine (Kayla Stewart’s dog) and Shushu are impregonated by Tabby and Adam Teekerman (Julian’s cat) while Tabby and Shushu vicously attack Pat Hoffman, Sam Bauman, Michael Kuhn, and Rex Smith with the latter two die from their injuries.

Melissa and Karly almost hits Ava, Kenndra, and Alisan with a blow-up doll, Ava grows tired of their antics. At the Petco Sam’s Club in Fort Wayne, Ava meets three girls named Emily Dwire (voiced by herself), Kayla Stewart (voiced by herslef) and Julian Teekerman (voiced by Julian Teekaram), latter of the two have moved from Fort Wayne to Quillsville as the respective successors of Clyde Lee and Bob Donaldson, even driving the exact same GMC Sierra. Ava is delighted after she met them,and they decide to go to The Broken Biolermaker together where they enjoy a beer and Diet Mississinewa Cola/Diet Dr. Steve.

When Ava gets home, she arrives to see Kendra trying to talk to a blow up doll, damaging the alley in the process. Ava then suggests having Emily, Kayla and Julian join them in the alley, which Avril, Alisan, Karly, Melissa and Kendra begrudgingly agree to. Emily, Kayla and Julian joins them in the alley, but Melissa and Kednra are not fond of the women. Emily, Kayla, Julian and Ava go to look at outfits, while a jealous Kendra and Melissa get drunk in the alley until Ava gets home later in the night. They express their displeasure in Ava spending time with Emily, Kayla and Julian, causing Ava to admonish them.

Meanwhile, Angie informs her family that she’s writing a coffee table book titled Gay Penises in ’90s Shorts. Ava insists that she spend time with Brynn, Tabby, and Shushu while she goes out. While they watch television together, Angie becomes shocked as both Clyde Lee and Bob Donaldson announces that they are retiring after 50 and 31 years respectively. Angie creates and stars in her own Saturday morning children’s TV show called Happy Angie’s Place (by awnsering a Facebook ad, which was a sex slave trap but got the show anyway), and is granted airtime by Quillsville 24. Ava is surprised at her initial success, but fears it will not end well.

The content of Angie’s show tends to be over the heads of her intended audience, containing off-color hummor and adult themes. Ava is upset when Angie’s success leads to late nights out on the town. Angry that Ava keeps saying negative things about her and angry that she isn’t supporting her show, Angie makes a puppet resembling Ava called “Naggy Baggy”, which represents her as an aging shrew who mouths off about everything and nags Angie to do her work. The puppet’s reputation on the show impacts Ava’s life when she is attacked by pets and children (including Tabby and Shushu) at Petco Sam’s Club in Fort Wayne. When Angie wants lesbian sex, Ava turns her away. Ava agrees to stop nagging if Angie will stop using the puppet. Angie refuses.

While at Petco Sam’s Club with Ava, Tabby and Shushu quickly become friends with Adam Teekerman and Christine Stewart and when both Tabby and Shushu shows them their weapons collection as part of his attempts to kill Ava, Tabby and Shushu are convinced to give up their plans so that they can stay friends and buries their weapons. But then after Christine Stewart and Shushu get respectively impregonated by Tabby Willis and Adam Teekerman, Tabby and Shushu discovers that they’re not the only one who did not receive an invitation to the Addison Agen concert at the Family Fun Zone and decides to get revenge.

Tabby and Shushu manages to murder a Burmese street gang at ABC 21 Fort Wayne and confronts Adam and Christine where they discover that they did receive an invitation but never responded back. Heather arrives after discovering the plot and reveals that she destroyed the invitation because she didn’t want to lose her own friendship with Tabby and Shushu because it appeared she had been pushed aside for Adam and Christine as Tabby and Shushu points out that they are more than friends in being family. As Tabby and Shushu drives away, the street gang blow up the building. As Tabby and Shushu’s owner, Ava is arrested since Tabby and Shushu were the only persons on the surveillance tapes—the street gang dressed in black and crawled on the ground—but Melissa Long, a long-time news director, and Tina Craven, who had just acquired the station, doesn’t press charges. Melissa Long tells Tina that if Ava Willis looks you in the eye and says she didn’t do something, she didn’t do it. The truth is Melissa doesn’t believe Ava’s innocence, but knows Ava would fight the charges, which would mean bad publicity for ABC 21. Long says that she has had a good run from Ava; thus she should cut her losses right there. As a result, Mayor Pence decides to ban males and transmales from the news anchor desk, meaning only two women or a transwoman co-anchoring with a woman and it becomes permanent.